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The ICO Spotlight provides entrepreneurs an opportunity to highlight their companies and token offerings to potential investors. The segment shows the ICO pitch video, followed by an interview with the CEO or other executive from the company. ICOinvestor.tv's hosts are knowledgeable about the ICO industry, and ask questions about the business, the blockchain application and the token, along with investor protection measures (if any) and regulatory information.


Past "ICO Spotlights" include:



Raised $50 million



Legal Advisor

WSGR Cooley
Props by YouNow

Raised $26 million

Coinlist Republic Crypto
Bob's Repair

(Pre-Sale) $4.8 million

Verify Investor
Inventus Law
Amchart Telcoin Topia Moonlighting Homesidekick Encrypgen Dreamtime Aperture Sweetbridge

To apply to be featured in the ICO Spotlight, companies may fill out an online form. The submission process includes a thoughtful review and measured consideration of each application. Companies that are preparing for, currently running, or have already completed their Initial Coin Offering may apply. While any company from around the world can apply, we are looking for companies conducting an ICO in compliance with relevant regulations.