About Us

ICO INVESTOR.TV™ helps people explore the emerging and dynamic marketplace of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). The challenge for investors and consumers is understanding the evolution of this new ecosystem and the associated opportunities and pitfalls.

ICO Investor will be a place for people to discuss and debate the ideas and the opinions of this new era. We will provide online video interviews and roundtables featuring knowledgeable guests to help people explore and navigate.

  • Legal roundtables will feature some of the key legal professionals in the ICO space and will explore evolving regulatory, legal, tax and others issues and how they may impact companies and potential investors.
  • Investor roundtables will include venture capitalists, angel investors and others that are active in supporting the development of the new ICO marketplace.
  • The ICO Learning Center will provide informational content in different formats, including material about regulated and equity-based ICOs.

ICO Investor.tv is brought to you by NextGen Crowdfunding, LLC. Both equity crowdfunding and ICOs are vehicles being used by early stage companies to raise money, but there are very important differences between equity crowdfunding and ICOs. Visit www.nextgencrowdfunding.com to learn more about equity crowdfunding in the United States.